Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goals for the Fall

I decided to start some goals for the fall. Why the fall? Because I will have more time on my hands then than I have had in 18 years. Sure, Carter will be here to entertain me. But, I will still have cut my time going to teenage events into 1/3rd. So, I decided rather than wallow in self pity, I would make a to-do list. This list is things I have put on hold because of the lack of time.

1. Take a photography class. I want to get the most of my camera    instead of just auto mode. I like auto mode, but come on that is not why my hubby spent the money on it!

2. Take the Wilton cake decorating classes. I have been obsessed with Cake Boss and other cake decorating shows for some time now and would love to learn this craft. Too bad, I don't have my butt in gear to get through the classes before we need those graduation cakes for the girls! Joan- help me with this- we have a pact to take those classes- maybe we could start this one now!

Who knew that paste is pasta in French (:

3. Take more trips to Lima to see my momma and papa! I do miss the carefree days of jumping in the car whenever to go there. there has always been softball, the kid's work, school functions etc. With that cut down to 1/3 of what it was, we will be on the road more. Thank you mom and dad for coming here so much over the past several years for us!!

I love you mom and dad!!

I'm sure I will think of lots of things to add to the list. But for now, this will be a good start.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a good start! Can't wait to see your cakes, I am in love with all of the cake decorating shows right now.

ArlaMo said...

I'd love to take a Wilton class! I totally wing it now, not having a clue what I'm doing.

Keshet said...

I took Maggie's photography class, and loved it! I still need to catch up, but I shoot in manual now!

Valerie said...

I took a couple of classes for my dslr and have not got back to auto mode since then. You will be amazed at what that Nikon can do :)

Also, my cousin used to be one of the bakers on Cake Boss - she was on several episodes in the 2nd season :) It's fun - hope you get to take your classes!