Wednesday, February 9, 2011

18 Today

They are 18 today!

Today, they are adults! How did that happen? Just Yesterday, I held them in my arms for the first time- I'm sure it was just yesterday. I remember it so well. The pure joy, excitement, love... yes, it is as clear as today. I'm sure it was just yesterday. And, now, today, they are 18. 

Was I a good enough mom? Did I teach them enough to be adults, to be out on their own in the world? It was such a short time. I'm not sure they know enough about the real world. I'm not sure I taught them enough. I want more time! I need more time!

They seem to feel they are ready to be adults, they know everything! It surely is me- I know nothing! But, this I know for sure- I am not ready to let go!

I don't have the courage to let them go! They belong with me- don't they? I'm sure they do! After all, they are my babies!

Can't you see it? They are still babies! They are! I'm not ready to let the fly!
Sometime, they learned to fly. They have been flying all along haven't they? They just flew so fast! Why couldn't they slow down? Never fly away! I need you now!
I love you girls!

 Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!!!

Happy Birthday Alexa!!!!

I am here for you always!

 Love always, Mom

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Page

A new page to go along with the college post from yesterday! I'm working at getting pages done for Alexa and Mackenzie's senior albums. My hope is to have the albums ready for their graduation party. I've gotten a good start on them and if I keep at it they will be ready. 

Here's a page for Mackenzie's album. This was the school that did not win her heart (but, I loved it) and so it deserved a spot in her book.
By the way, they were so mad at me when we had to jump out in traffic so I could get that picture! Oh well, we may have slowed traffic just a bit, but it was worth it. It's all about getting the pic for the album you know :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buying for College

I've been browsing for college dorm rooms for the girls. The first thing that popped in my head was Pottery Barn Dorm Rooms. Well, who can afford to send their kids off to school and pay for rooms like that? But, it is a great place to look for inspiration! Here's some cute stuff I found.

I love this color palette. It is so fresh and warm. Yum!

I love the wall collection of cord, dry erase, fabric and magnet! I bet I could pull that off for a fraction of the price!

Or perhaps this chalkboard:
Now, this next picture is so cool, but seriously, what dorm room has room for this! But, I had to include it so you could see how cool it is and unrealistic at the same time!

Check out these lights- very cool!

And, I'm a sucker for storage bins. These are really cool!

Alexa is a lover of animal prints and pink. This one is up her alley (I'll have to check Target).

And, I know Mackenzie would love this?
Now, here is the most ridiculous thing I found.

Seriously, you can fit nothing in that and it's twice the price of a dorm frig from Walmart. Really?? I would like to know how many of those they sell and who bought them because that is so silly. They do look cute though. But, cute frig will get you nowhere! 

Now, that's a cute list I made that would cost thousands of dollars. I'm going to see how I can get some of those cute things in our budget! I think I can do it!
Do you know of any cool dorm things? Lead me to the site so I can check them out!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Color Challenge

Well, CHA is over and so are the challenges! I made these pages just in time to finish the challenges over at Studio Calico. The final challenge I did was Walesk's. Her inspiration was to use yellow, teal and gray on a page. I love this color combination- it is so pretty! Here's my take:

I loved this challenge so much that I made a second page :)

I don't know what was up with the scanner last night, but it got all shadowy and really made me mad! But, you get the gist. 

Now, I'm going to try and do a sketch challenge before that one is over! It's a challengy kind of week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Challenges

I'm still plugging away with some challenges at Studio Calico. I'm having so much fun with them. This is the perfect time to do them since it's so snowy, icy, yucky out! So, today I have three pages to share.

The first challenge was Jen's and it was to scrap an old school picture. The picture I chose was from 1974 and is one of the few pictures I have from my elementary school. You've got to love the school uniform my sister is rockin'!!! We hated them!

I used an old kit to go with my old picture- the kits not quite as old as the pic though- haha! I used Soda Fountain- yum!

I just love the school girl stamp, yummers!!
The second page today was for Stephanie's challenge and it was to use someone's style that is different from your own. In other words, step out of your box a little bit. So, I chose Vee's style which is very artsy compared to myself. I'm more a straight forward kind of gal, Vee is not afraid to mix things up a bit and put a picture on the page tilted- what?! That's unheard of for me. But, I did it. 

I used the Napa Valley kit for this one. And, there's a couple more stamps to love- the polka dots and herringbone- ahhh!!

Can you spot the crackle paint there? I love that stuff.

And challenge three was Tina's challenge to use a photo of yourself taken in the mirror. It was supposed to be a current photo, but I didn't have that on hand. But, I had this photo I took of myself at The Loft trying on some clothes. Look at the mirror- it says "Are you a Julie?" Imagine that when I saw it- well "Yes, I am!" What a photo op that was!

I used the Metropolitan kit. I love the tape, it's so fun to use!

Tomorrow is the last chance for challenges. I have 2 more pages done to enter. We'll see how much time I have. If I can I would like to crank out a couple more. We'll see. How about you?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Thank you to all the sweet comments left for my stamp giveaway. I drew winners from a hat to be fair. And, the winners are:

Patty: you've won the tree stamp
Tammy Blalock: you've won the birdie
Suzanne S: you've won the clock
Shelly J: you've won the flowers

Tammy, I sent you an email. Patty, Suzanne and Shelly, please email me ( your addresses and I will send the stamp sets off to you.

Thanks to everyone that left me comments! If the prizes are not claimed in a week, I will choose more winners.