Wednesday, February 9, 2011

18 Today

They are 18 today!

Today, they are adults! How did that happen? Just Yesterday, I held them in my arms for the first time- I'm sure it was just yesterday. I remember it so well. The pure joy, excitement, love... yes, it is as clear as today. I'm sure it was just yesterday. And, now, today, they are 18. 

Was I a good enough mom? Did I teach them enough to be adults, to be out on their own in the world? It was such a short time. I'm not sure they know enough about the real world. I'm not sure I taught them enough. I want more time! I need more time!

They seem to feel they are ready to be adults, they know everything! It surely is me- I know nothing! But, this I know for sure- I am not ready to let go!

I don't have the courage to let them go! They belong with me- don't they? I'm sure they do! After all, they are my babies!

Can't you see it? They are still babies! They are! I'm not ready to let the fly!
Sometime, they learned to fly. They have been flying all along haven't they? They just flew so fast! Why couldn't they slow down? Never fly away! I need you now!
I love you girls!

 Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!!!

Happy Birthday Alexa!!!!

I am here for you always!

 Love always, Mom


Debbie said...

they are cute as a button!~ they have your smile. happy birthday girls. =)

Mary Jo said...

I can't even imagine how that is going to feel right now.
My son is eight and my daughter three, but I do think occasionally about how fast they are growing.
And some day they will be 18! :-O

Hope they have a very happy birthday!

Tonya said...

What beautiful young women they are and sounds like they have a fabulous momma! My baby girl turns 5 tomorrow, I can't imagine 18...ACK!

ArlaMo said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughters! My oldest is 17 1/2 and I'm feeling everything you've expressed in this post!

lisa truesdell said...

happy bday to your beautiful girls! and hugs to the proud mama.

Jenn said...

They're beautiful, Julie! It must be tough. I cried when my homeroom graduated last year and I had only known them for four years, haha. I would be a mess. But I am sure they are going to soar.

Keshet said...

Aw, they seem like such sweet girls!

Laura - The Stampin' Soldier said...

Awww! Time goes by way too quickly sometimes.