Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy National Scrapbook Day

That's right!! It's a holiday!! Did you take the day off? Did you set aside some creative time? I did because it is National Scrapbook Day (NSD)- the biggest holiday of the year you know!! Heehee!! But, seriously, I love this holiday. It is a day that I get to set aside time with my BFF scrappin buddy, Samantha. We spend our whole day creating, watching blogs and sites for challenges, eating and of course partaking in a fun adult beverage. It's just plain fun!

To get my creative juices flowing and yours too, here is a couple pages I made recently.

That's my darling dear Mackenzie on her birthday in February. LOVE her!! I used the Front Porch Blend add on kit from Studio Calico to make this page. I love the circle overlay and played off of the circles with my patterned paper choice and the embellishments I chose. I am looking desperately through the Silhouette store to find the shape of that overlay for my cameo. I need more!

Next little bit of inspiration: Carter's leg surgery.
I love that I was able to get the before and after pictures. Carter did not want me to take the before picture but I snuck and did anyway. Look at that crooked leg! I had to have a picture of it! Well, here comes the funny part... the doctor caught me taking a picture of his leg with the soft cast finally off while we were waiting for the hard cast to be put on. The doctor says, "Wait, you are doing it all wrong!" He takes my camera and gets on his knees and takes the lovely 'after' photo! I love it!! I would have done that too, but Carter was throwing a fit about the picture taking and so I was just trying to get one! Thank you Dr. Ballock for getting the picture that I wanted. And of course, Carter was happy to oblige the doctor!

I used paint with my stamps to create the background and layered some washi tape with it. I used the Popcorn add on kit for this page.

Okay, one more inspiration for NSD: My Little Monkeys.
This next page is from our trip to Kalahari over Spring Break. I love that I got a picture of all three kiddos together.... that's no easy task. I love this one, mainly because of the picture. 

I used lots of paper layering, paint and mists for this one. I also used the Daily Grind add on kit from Studio Calico. 

Now, I'm off to create some more on this wonderful holiday. Happy National Scrapbook Day and may you create many wonderful memories for your families.

Friday, May 3, 2013

College Visits

It's about time I update on some of the college visits Carter went on during the winter. Going in the winter gives you a real feel of what it is like during the school year. We made some summer visits with Alexa and Mackenzie and that tells you nothing about what it is like to hike across campus in the wind, sleet and snow. Well, Carter got a taste of the real deal.

Up first: O-H  I-O
That's right OSU! 

Of course, Ohio State holds a special place in my heart. I walked the halls of those buildings, slept in the dorms there, learned a lot about teaching and life and met the love of my life. So, it is a special place. But, this is Carter's decision, not mine, not Steve's. But, right now, it is his number 1 choice. Go Bucks!!

The block letters are Quickutz (now called Lifestyle Crafts) University font... perfect for high school and college pages. I used the papers and embellishments from the Front Row kit at Studio Calico.

We did tour the Mansfield campus for Ohio State also as this is a likely place he would be his freshman year. That is the one drawback for him in choosing Ohio State.

It's still Buckeye Country just on a much smaller scale!

Next, we toured Ohio University.
Carter called it "OLD."
"Civil War Era Old."
I thought it was pretty.

He also felt it was really just too far from home- yay- knock that off the list! Don't get me wrong I like OU and will be furthering my education there with an online program.... but it is too far away for my baby to go!

Next up, Kent State University:
He loved that it was Akron's rival- it's always good when there is some sibling rivalry right?
He thought it was a little smaller than he would like. 
He loved that the game Halo was created here!
It is something to consider.

So, the first 3 tours I put in my Project Life album.

I used the Block Party Project Life Kit from Studio Calico for that page.

And, last but not least, our tours brought us to The University of Toledo.
He LOVED that there was 2 Carter halls and a Carter bus stop.
Now there's a reason to pick a college!

Carter thinks that Toledo may be #2 on his list. We shall see how this all pans out in the near future as he starts his Senior year :(

And, once again, I added the tour to my Project Life album. This one uses the Popcorn add-on kit and the Front Row kit from Studio Calico.