Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Specials

Here are just a few pictures that make me feel good and so they are this weeks Sunday Specials!

Nature's Beauty

LOVE This!!!

Heart in a strawberry!!

Tiki Time!!

Make your Sunday Special!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Captain America

Joan and I took a trip downtown this week for a Girls Night Out. We thought we would grab dinner and check out the set where they are filming Captain America. We happened to stumble upon them actually filming a scene when we first got there.

This was the view from where they let us stand... well let's just say that was not good enough to see anything. So, we went on an adventure to get a closer look.

Still not good enough!! So, when they were between run throughs, we cut through and caught the next picture.

They were very serious about having cell phones out while walking through as they don't want any leaking of who will be starring in it. They kept Captain America well hidden from view.

Here's Joan sneaking around in past the blocked gates... watch out you are about to get in trouble Joan!!

After sneaking around, we found a corner to stand on that was pretty close to the action. We did catch a little video of the the filming in action but for some reason that video won't upload.

Then it was dinner time!! I just had to share the next picture of my Jale Berry martini. It was blueberry and jalepeno! One would think that's a hot mess, but it was delicious!!

After dinner, we went back to the set and were able to walk through (not in the street though or you get yelled at!) We did get the pictures of the beat up cars though!

I told Joan that we are not allowed to hang out in places where we get into this much trouble anymore. We were sneaking around like teenagers and I'm too old to be scared like that!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stitch Fix Review

It's time for a Stitch Fix review again. I actually have 2 fixes for review. I didn't post my last one- got lazy with the blog overall. Time just slips away.

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a fun online personal stylist shopping experience. My post here explains the full process of getting a fix!

So, I'm going to start with my latest fix I received yesterday. First, I received a cute dress called Santina. 

I really loved this dress and wanted to keep it soooo badly. But, it was a smidge too tight in the chest. So, it had to go back :(

Next up is a dress called Fenn.

I loved this dress too!! It was a perfect fit and style. But, it held a hefty price so reluctantly, this one had to go back too.
 Plus, my darling dear daughter told me it looked like Grandma's wallpaper. I thought it was pretty.

Next up is the Dorian blazer.

As you can see my darling dear daughter loved the blazer, but me... not so much. I'm not a blazer type of gal. I would rather put on a cardigan than a blazer. So, it went back too. 

This next piece is a cute top from Mystree called Elly.

I love the top!! It has tiny cutout triangles on the white stripes. It is formed fitting and just really nice looking. This is a keeper!! I need some white shorts to go with it or a white skirt!

Next up, Rosy long-sleeve dress... get ready...

It's scandalous!! I think I would really like the dress with some leggings, but I really wanted something I could wear now... it's summer and in the 80's so leggings are out! I contemplated keeping it to wear in the fall, but in the end decided to schedule another fix asking for something more for summer and not quite so short!

So, 1 item was the winner from that fix even though I did like some of the other things. Overall, my stylist- Jackie, is pretty good at getting my style on target. She knows I love leggings and dresses, but just not in the summer!

Okay, on to the fix that I didn't blog last month.

Up first, Chris and Carol Mac tank... Love!!

 It is a shear tank with extra material in the back that is flowy. I love it! It was keeper and I have worn it on a few occasions already!

Next, a colorblock cardigan.

 My stylist hit the nail on the head with a cardigan like this as I already own it's twin! So, it had to go back.

Next up, Adeline jersey dress by 209 West.

I love the dress!!! I love that it has the rope belt and it is a great fit! Another keeper!

Next up, the necklace... I'm sorry I can't remember the name of it. But, I loved it and it was a keeper too!

And, the final piece was a dress...

I really liked the style of this dress. It had tiny flowers on it and was cute but the girls were trying to bust out of the buttons on the top and we can't have that! So, it had to go back.

Overall, I love my fixes. My stylist really has a feel for what I like. If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix, follow my referral link and I will get credit :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy National Scrapbook Day

That's right!! It's a holiday!! Did you take the day off? Did you set aside some creative time? I did because it is National Scrapbook Day (NSD)- the biggest holiday of the year you know!! Heehee!! But, seriously, I love this holiday. It is a day that I get to set aside time with my BFF scrappin buddy, Samantha. We spend our whole day creating, watching blogs and sites for challenges, eating and of course partaking in a fun adult beverage. It's just plain fun!

To get my creative juices flowing and yours too, here is a couple pages I made recently.

That's my darling dear Mackenzie on her birthday in February. LOVE her!! I used the Front Porch Blend add on kit from Studio Calico to make this page. I love the circle overlay and played off of the circles with my patterned paper choice and the embellishments I chose. I am looking desperately through the Silhouette store to find the shape of that overlay for my cameo. I need more!

Next little bit of inspiration: Carter's leg surgery.
I love that I was able to get the before and after pictures. Carter did not want me to take the before picture but I snuck and did anyway. Look at that crooked leg! I had to have a picture of it! Well, here comes the funny part... the doctor caught me taking a picture of his leg with the soft cast finally off while we were waiting for the hard cast to be put on. The doctor says, "Wait, you are doing it all wrong!" He takes my camera and gets on his knees and takes the lovely 'after' photo! I love it!! I would have done that too, but Carter was throwing a fit about the picture taking and so I was just trying to get one! Thank you Dr. Ballock for getting the picture that I wanted. And of course, Carter was happy to oblige the doctor!

I used paint with my stamps to create the background and layered some washi tape with it. I used the Popcorn add on kit for this page.

Okay, one more inspiration for NSD: My Little Monkeys.
This next page is from our trip to Kalahari over Spring Break. I love that I got a picture of all three kiddos together.... that's no easy task. I love this one, mainly because of the picture. 

I used lots of paper layering, paint and mists for this one. I also used the Daily Grind add on kit from Studio Calico. 

Now, I'm off to create some more on this wonderful holiday. Happy National Scrapbook Day and may you create many wonderful memories for your families.

Friday, May 3, 2013

College Visits

It's about time I update on some of the college visits Carter went on during the winter. Going in the winter gives you a real feel of what it is like during the school year. We made some summer visits with Alexa and Mackenzie and that tells you nothing about what it is like to hike across campus in the wind, sleet and snow. Well, Carter got a taste of the real deal.

Up first: O-H  I-O
That's right OSU! 

Of course, Ohio State holds a special place in my heart. I walked the halls of those buildings, slept in the dorms there, learned a lot about teaching and life and met the love of my life. So, it is a special place. But, this is Carter's decision, not mine, not Steve's. But, right now, it is his number 1 choice. Go Bucks!!

The block letters are Quickutz (now called Lifestyle Crafts) University font... perfect for high school and college pages. I used the papers and embellishments from the Front Row kit at Studio Calico.

We did tour the Mansfield campus for Ohio State also as this is a likely place he would be his freshman year. That is the one drawback for him in choosing Ohio State.

It's still Buckeye Country just on a much smaller scale!

Next, we toured Ohio University.
Carter called it "OLD."
"Civil War Era Old."
I thought it was pretty.

He also felt it was really just too far from home- yay- knock that off the list! Don't get me wrong I like OU and will be furthering my education there with an online program.... but it is too far away for my baby to go!

Next up, Kent State University:
He loved that it was Akron's rival- it's always good when there is some sibling rivalry right?
He thought it was a little smaller than he would like. 
He loved that the game Halo was created here!
It is something to consider.

So, the first 3 tours I put in my Project Life album.

I used the Block Party Project Life Kit from Studio Calico for that page.

And, last but not least, our tours brought us to The University of Toledo.
He LOVED that there was 2 Carter halls and a Carter bus stop.
Now there's a reason to pick a college!

Carter thinks that Toledo may be #2 on his list. We shall see how this all pans out in the near future as he starts his Senior year :(

And, once again, I added the tour to my Project Life album. This one uses the Popcorn add-on kit and the Front Row kit from Studio Calico.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Little Stitch Fix Project

So, I've been looking at the little style cards that come with each of my Stitch Fixes and trying to think of a creative way to keep them. (If you are not sure what Stitch Fix is... you need to know, so check out my post here and here.) Anyway, the little style cards are so cute and helpful in teaching you how to pair your piece of clothing with other pieces and accessories. I love how they show you a way to wear something casually as well as dressed up for a special occasion and of course, what to put with it. 

(If you aren't sure what I am talking about, here's a picture of a style card from Stitch Fix.)

Isn't that just so cute! Now I know 2 ways to wear that dress. So, anyway, back to the project.

The nice thing about the style cards is that they come with the cutout at the top in a plastic sleeve. This way, they can all be kept together. I made a little flip book out of chipboard covered with patterned paper and then tied with a ribbon. This way, I can untie it and add new style cards as they come with my fixes. 

For the cover, after adhering the chevron patterned paper to chipboard, I cut the quote out of another patterned paper and adhered it. I added the sticker letters "Style" and the thumbs up transparency, star die cut, and sequin with a floss knot. I attached all of my style cards and tied it shut with ribbon. I called it done and am happy with it.

 I love how I can add more cards as they come by untying the ribbon. It is small enough to just keep in my makeup drawer and pull it out when choosing an outfit. And, it's a great way to keep those cards from getting unruly in my tight drawer space.

If you are interested in getting your own Stitch Fix, follow my referral link. (I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix, I just love getting my own Fixes.)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stitch Fix Review

My Stitch Fix box arrived on Saturday and I'm finally taking the time to show you my goodies. First, those of you that are not familiar with Stitch Fix, it's like having your own personal stylist. I did a complete blog post about the ins and outs of Stitch Fix here. I am truly loving this service.

For $20 they pick clothes for you based on your style profile you fill out. That $20 goes towards your purchase and I have not had a problem using that $20. (Hint... be specific on your style profile. I even made a fashion Pinterest board that I referred the stylist to.)

If you want to try out Stitch Fix and use my referral link here, I get a credit for that. No pressure (and I do not work for Stitch Fix). I am just loving it and am happy to share a good thing!

So, here goes my Fix...

First item up, a 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Tunic Dress by 41Hawthorn. 

Can I say LOVE!!! This is totally ME!! I love me a dress and some leggings. So, this is a definite yes!!! And, I may have just worn it on a girls night out this week! The leggings were from my last fix and the shoes are from DSW. 

I love the style card that comes with the fix. It gives you great ideas on ways to wear your new piece along with accessories to pair with it. It's like a little bonus!

Next up a bracelet/bangle.

Okay, I will admit it, it took some help from Alexa for me to figure out how to get it on. I could not get the 'clasp' open on the underside.... well that's because it doesn't have a clasp. The center separated on the top and you put your wrist in... doink! It's cute! I do need some accessories! I'll think about keeping this one!

The jacket is by Mystree and this one is a little out of the Julie style. I normally don't layer... I like the look of layering, but I'm not very good at matching stuff up with layering... I'm layering challenged! It's a good thing the card is there if I keep this one. The jacket does have a hook to close it and it looks much better that way.

 Next, is a cowl neck shirt by 41Hawthorn. It is cute! I really like this brand... I got an item by them with my last fix and love it and I love dress by them above and this shirt is so soft, just like the other items.

Now, the best is saved for last (at least in my mind)!

A chevron blouse by Everly. I pinned several items on pinterest that were chevron print and Jacqi, the stylist, noticed and said she picked this based on my pinterest board. Yay Jacqi! It is so lovely!!!

So, what do you think? I can't wait for the next fix! I am going to be one hip lady... oh yeah, hip is out... I'm going to be one stylin' gal! If you want a fix too, check them out... Stitch Fix