Saturday, June 8, 2013

Captain America

Joan and I took a trip downtown this week for a Girls Night Out. We thought we would grab dinner and check out the set where they are filming Captain America. We happened to stumble upon them actually filming a scene when we first got there.

This was the view from where they let us stand... well let's just say that was not good enough to see anything. So, we went on an adventure to get a closer look.

Still not good enough!! So, when they were between run throughs, we cut through and caught the next picture.

They were very serious about having cell phones out while walking through as they don't want any leaking of who will be starring in it. They kept Captain America well hidden from view.

Here's Joan sneaking around in past the blocked gates... watch out you are about to get in trouble Joan!!

After sneaking around, we found a corner to stand on that was pretty close to the action. We did catch a little video of the the filming in action but for some reason that video won't upload.

Then it was dinner time!! I just had to share the next picture of my Jale Berry martini. It was blueberry and jalepeno! One would think that's a hot mess, but it was delicious!!

After dinner, we went back to the set and were able to walk through (not in the street though or you get yelled at!) We did get the pictures of the beat up cars though!

I told Joan that we are not allowed to hang out in places where we get into this much trouble anymore. We were sneaking around like teenagers and I'm too old to be scared like that!

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Kimberly Kett said...

So fun! Looks like it was a great night!