Friday, March 11, 2011

A Little Tough Love

Every now and then, we make mistakes. Sometimes it's the kiddos making the mistakes and sometimes it's us, the parents making the mistakes. Well, this time, the kiddos mistakes were just the ticket to getting some much needed household chores done!

I made a parental decision a long time ago that when it came down to punishments, they were going to benefit me. I had found that taking away the t.v. or whatever was harder on me than them. So, I came up with the spring clean punishment. This way, my house gets a good cleaning and I get to sit back and do my own thing while they take over the nitty gritty cleaning.

So, when the girls decided to have friends over while we were gone and things got a little out of hand, we had to lay down some punishments. So, I got my cabinets and closets cleaned and organized while the girls were not feeling so good!! Haha, payback is sweet revenge! 

But, to assure them that I meant business with my punishment, I took their cell phones too! That one is always a killer for them too!! Hahahaha!!!


Christie said...

LOL - ohhhh to have teenagers. I am only a few years away from that - but, the drama has already begun.

Glad that you documented those things - your girls will laugh when they look back on these in about 5-10 years.


Melissa said...

Love the pages! So great to document those things and hooray for someone else cleaning!

Donna said...

Oh the drama!! Perfect layouts!