Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Rejects!

Yes, I'm feeling rejected. I think of the time spent submitting my pages, putting myself out there, sharing my stories, etc. and then what happens.... REJECTED!!! Well, you know what scrapbook magazines? Go ahead and reject me! I'm over it! I like my pages! Those kids in the photos are so much more to me! So, there you have it! You can reject me, but I will get you to see that my pages are worthy of being in print and so much more!

Okay, I feel better now after my venting! So, here are a few of the rejected pages to share!

Mackenzie's much anticipated event was horseback riding along the beach and through the rain forest. We certainly won't forget the dump the horse took on the beach that got washed into the ocean- ewwww!!! That sort of turned the kids off swimming that day. But, I reminded them that the fish are dumping in there all the time- still ewww!!!

Carter's favorite event of the trip! Thank goodness he thought this rock was actual cliff diving!

Alexa was the expert with the underwater camera and she got some awesome pictures of bubbles in the pool as well as fishies in the sea!

Now, I'm going to send in the back to school pages for the magazines to swoon over whether they want to or not!!


Christa said...

Beautiful pages!!
I have lots of rejects from the last couple of months too!

Jessica said...

yeah, I don't know what they are expecting. It takes a TON of time to submit too. It is crazy! I love your pages & I think you just have to keep trying!!! Hang in there.