Monday, March 14, 2011


Tomorrow is the big day for Alexa and Mackenzie. It is their college orientation- yikes!! I'm happy and sad at the same time. It came so fast I am sad. I am happy that they have accomplished this moment. I am proud that they received academic scholarships (who knew they would get the exact same amount? well I guess it makes sense when they have taken the same classes and have the same GPA) I'm sad that the time has passed so quickly and they will be off on their own sooner than I'm ready for. I'm excited to go tomorrow and share this day with them and hubby of course!

But, today, Mackenzie came down with the flu! Now what? Miss the big day? Do a make up day? That may be what happens as she is a mess today. And, after the strings I pulled to get their orientations on the same day. Now, we have to possibly change! Ugh! Life throws another curve ball!

This was her only other sick day of her high school career and it was last month after getting her wisdom teeth pulled. By the afternoon she wanted to go to school, but I wouldn't let her! What a trooper! So, the flu really has her mad about tomorrow!

This is a page I made from her first day of Senior year! My how time flies! She is now not real happy about her choice of first day of school outfit- just like a girl huh?

Enjoy the day today! Time moves to fast!


Kelly Noel said...

wow, what a big is a big deal. i'm not sure how i'll feel when that day comes! hope your daughter feels better!!

Susan Beth said...

Hope she's feeling well enough to make the orientation tomorrow! But, aren't you too young to have daughters heading off to college? Just an impression I had!

Julie (juls2000) said...

Thank you so much Susan Beth! I had them when I was 25 (I'm not saying my age here, but I guess everyone can figure that one out!) Heehee!

Mary Jo said...

I can't imagine my kids heading off to college yet.
And I'm always amazed when I see women talking about it, but they look to young to have college age students :)

I do hope she is feeling better soon!

Allison said...

Aw, hope she feels better! Time DOES go way too fast

ArlaMo said...

My oldest just decided on which college last week - I can't believe we're already there. I'm freaking out...just a little!
Hope your girlie is better soon!

lisa truesdell said...

oh, poor girl - what timing!!! =( hope she feels better soon!

lori said...

Hoping your home is healthy soon. Feel better orientation how exciting