Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prom Invites

One would think that the extent the boys are going to when inviting a girl to prom that they were doing a wedding proposal. But, it really is so cute and getting really creative. When Garron told Mackenzie that he wanted to ask Alexa to prom, Mackenzie was happy to help him out with his plan. And, since she was in the know, I was able to be there for the event... yay!

So, with about 100 balloons, a sign, a rose and some window markers, Garron and Mackenzie decorated the car in the parking lot at school. It's really hard to see the writing on the car as it was so drizzly that day.

Garron was hidden away inside the car... so funny!

The sign was so cool. Mackenzie was very creative with this and used pictures of Alexa and Garron together from their high school years together... so sweet! She left a spot for a prom picture in the middle- always thinking that girl!

Alexa shut the door before all the balloon escaped as she wanted to save them- I have no idea where she is going to put all those balloons!! Probably half had escaped before she decided she had to have them saved!!

I'm so excited for them! They are such good friends and it will be a great way to end high school!

Now, Joan and I are going to stalk the Indians game on Friday for Tyler's plan for Mackenzie! I'm really going to have to be smart to get seats that have a great view of them- heehee!!


Christa said...

How cute is that??!!!!
And even more awesome you caught it all on camera!

Virginia said...

this is so adorable! what a sweetheart.

Mary Jo said...

That is so very cool! :)