Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stitch Fix Review

It's time for a Stitch Fix review again. I actually have 2 fixes for review. I didn't post my last one- got lazy with the blog overall. Time just slips away.

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a fun online personal stylist shopping experience. My post here explains the full process of getting a fix!

So, I'm going to start with my latest fix I received yesterday. First, I received a cute dress called Santina. 

I really loved this dress and wanted to keep it soooo badly. But, it was a smidge too tight in the chest. So, it had to go back :(

Next up is a dress called Fenn.

I loved this dress too!! It was a perfect fit and style. But, it held a hefty price so reluctantly, this one had to go back too.
 Plus, my darling dear daughter told me it looked like Grandma's wallpaper. I thought it was pretty.

Next up is the Dorian blazer.

As you can see my darling dear daughter loved the blazer, but me... not so much. I'm not a blazer type of gal. I would rather put on a cardigan than a blazer. So, it went back too. 

This next piece is a cute top from Mystree called Elly.

I love the top!! It has tiny cutout triangles on the white stripes. It is formed fitting and just really nice looking. This is a keeper!! I need some white shorts to go with it or a white skirt!

Next up, Rosy long-sleeve dress... get ready...

It's scandalous!! I think I would really like the dress with some leggings, but I really wanted something I could wear now... it's summer and in the 80's so leggings are out! I contemplated keeping it to wear in the fall, but in the end decided to schedule another fix asking for something more for summer and not quite so short!

So, 1 item was the winner from that fix even though I did like some of the other things. Overall, my stylist- Jackie, is pretty good at getting my style on target. She knows I love leggings and dresses, but just not in the summer!

Okay, on to the fix that I didn't blog last month.

Up first, Chris and Carol Mac tank... Love!!

 It is a shear tank with extra material in the back that is flowy. I love it! It was keeper and I have worn it on a few occasions already!

Next, a colorblock cardigan.

 My stylist hit the nail on the head with a cardigan like this as I already own it's twin! So, it had to go back.

Next up, Adeline jersey dress by 209 West.

I love the dress!!! I love that it has the rope belt and it is a great fit! Another keeper!

Next up, the necklace... I'm sorry I can't remember the name of it. But, I loved it and it was a keeper too!

And, the final piece was a dress...

I really liked the style of this dress. It had tiny flowers on it and was cute but the girls were trying to bust out of the buttons on the top and we can't have that! So, it had to go back.

Overall, I love my fixes. My stylist really has a feel for what I like. If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix, follow my referral link and I will get credit :)

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caz hancock said...

OK i LOVE the blazer and top :)
but overall she chose some great items