Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools

I just had to have a little fun today with the April Fools Day jokes. Nothing too big, but playing a little trick on the kids is a tad bit fun. 

First Victim: Carter
I used my cell phone and called our home phone and answered it. I then called up to Carter to let him know the phone was for him. He comes running like anytime the phone is for him. He asks me "Who is it?" I tell him, "It's Arby's!" He immediately gets excited because he is thinking they must not need him at work! He answers the phone "Hello.... Hello..." At this point I contemplate... should I tell him to call them back, that they must have hung up... or end the joke there with "April Fools!" I go for the latter... I don't want to push the joke to far and have WW3 on my hands..

Second Victim: Mackenzie
I use my cell phone again and call her. I say, "Hey sweetie! Are you home?" She says, "Yes." I say, "Well, I've been knocking and you aren't answering the door. Do you want to let me in?' She says, "OH, You're here!! Yay!!" She hangs up and goes to the door.. I presume. I call her back immediately. She says, "Where are you?" I say, "April Fools!" She says, "You are a horrible person! I thought I was getting a good surprise!" Awe, sorry honey... I promise I will surprise you for real someday soon!!

Watch out Alexa.... you could be the third victim!!!

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