Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spirit Week

I've been the scrapping fool in January. My page count is keeping up with the days of the month count- that's a record for me this late in the month! This page I made last week when I was scrapping with BFF Sam :) We were cranking out the pages that day! (Pssst... we need to do that again Sam!)
So, this page is from Alexa's Spirit Week at school. Mackenzie participated day 1 and then said "This costs too much money buying all the stupid little things for it!" And, that was the end of that for her! (It's amazing when they are spending their hard-earned money how much more they watch!
I used the Metropolitan Kit at Studio Calico(it's still available- I love this kit, so check it out if you don't have it yet). I will tell you I was afraid of those days of the week stickers and thought I would not use them. But, man, I'm glad I did because they were perfect for this!
Monday- Nerd Day
Tuesday - Superhero Day
Wednesday- Pirate Day
Thursday- Color Wars
Friday- Toga (for football night)

And, here's a toga page I made for the special event!

I used the Who's Who kit from SC. It's sold out now though. I must confess my booboo with the book stamping. I put it on my block upside down and didn't realize it until the image came out in brown looking like much with no defined lines. I was like "crap" or maybe a less nicer word. To remedy the mess, I restamped in white the correct way over top and I must say I'm happy with the result!

I rolled the canvas whimsie into a puffy flower shape, stapled the center to hold it and then used a foam brush with brown paint and brushed across the top of the flower to add highlights.

Now, I may hibernate in my crafts to stay warm! I need to move south!


Tonya said...

Ahhhh, Spirit Week, brings back some old memories of my own. Such fun and such a fun layout to go with it! Love your toga one too!

Susan Beth said...

Layouts are great, and your solution to the booboo was genius! My scrap room is freezing, glad you have a warm one!

Kristin said...

This is fantastic! I LOVE how you used all the day of the week stickers! And she is just the most adorable thing!

Christina said...

what fun layouts!! Spirit wk was always a blast =)

Valerie said...

Love your pages and I'm thrilled to see how you used the 3 items that have been vexing me in that kit...the stamp, the canvas flower thing and the Basic Grey chipboard embellishments. There's hope for me & that kit, yet.

juls2000 said...

I know you can do it Valerie!