Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brrr! It's cold outside!

This weekend has been about hibernation! It's the part of the year that I dread the most- the bitter cold! I've been using a hot cup of coffee to keep me warm. Why is it that even thought he house is kept at 68 degrees through the fall, winter and spring it feels colder in the winter? So, my coffee keeps me warm!

This pic is from a couple of weeks ago before it got soooo cold out~ we went tubing. What a blast!I just ordered these pictures and can't wait to do something with them!

On a good note, thanks to the bitter cold this weekend, I got some organizing done in my scrappy area. I had an 8 inch stack of layout that needed home in albums... done, check! I had a 12 inch stack of extra pictures that needed put in albums... done, check! I follow Stacy Julian's Library of Memories system for filing away pictures except I have a lot more pictures printed than she does. I just feel that if they are printed, I will use more. So, I pulled some favorites to store in my drawers and then put the rest in albums. I do this after I have scrapped the ones I want to play with the most! If you didn't take her class, her book, Photo Freedom explains the system very well. The somewhat amazing thing is that when I was finding a link to the book, I found it's now amazing price of $118 on Amazon~ are you kidding me? Wow! There has to be a better price somewhere!

I'll leave you with a couple more tubing pictures that didn't turn out so great because I had purse camera in my pocket and she got cold and persnickity as time went on!

Stay warm!


Christina said...

that looks like sooo much fun!
Good job getting organized too, i really need to put layouts in an album eeeekkk lol, there's alot.

Kelly said...

I wish we had snow. It looks fantastic.
Yay for getting organised. I'm kind of in a mess at the moment!