Thursday, March 14, 2013


What is Stitch Fix? It's my new LOVE! Basically, it's a personal stylist that picks things for you based on a profile you fill out. The profile shows you pictures and asks how much you like something, asks for your size of course :( and likes/dislikes in clothing. For example... I hate wool, it's so scratchy. So, I said No Wool Please! Anyway, you then schedule when you want your fix to come. The stylist puts together 5 items for you for a $20 styling fee (that goes towards what you purchase) and packages them so nicely and mails it to your door (how convenient). I signed up because I wanted to see new styles and step out of my Ann Taylor Loft box! Don't get me wrong I still love the Loft, but I wanted something new and different. The items from Stitch Fix are more boutique style clothing. Something new for me!

If you are interested in getting your fix on just check it out here. I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix or paid to promote them. I just really loved it and when you follow my link I do get credit toward my next fix :) 

Without further ado, here we go on my fix journey!

I got all giddy when the doorbell rang! The box took only 2 days to get from California to Ohio. Yay!

Inside the cover of the box, you see the directions on the process of trying on, deciding what to get and how to check out and send back what you don't want to keep.

Inside, I jumped a little when I saw the color beneath the card, but I stopped myself from grabbing and opened the card first.

Inside the card is the note I got with prices and what to do after I went through my box.

Sorry for this next picture, it is blurry, but here is the first item I pulled out... you know that pretty color I saw peaking out from under the card. Ahhhh... I love this dress. It's priced at $58 which is along the line of what I spend at the Loft, but this is from Honey Punch. It was a perfect fit and the top of it is so cute. Keeping it! 

With each item, they send a style card that shows you ideas on how to wear it!

Next item... a cute top by Mia Melon. (yes, my eyes are closed in this picture Patty!) The top has cutouts in the back with cute buttons running down the back. It is $58 which is normally a lot more than I spend on a top. But, this was not my usual style and it was so lovely on and the cutout and buttons were to die for! Keeping it... but on my checkout I did tell my stylist that It was more than I like to spend on tops.

My next item is black leggings. For those of you who don't know me, I love me some leggings and a dress. So, I told the stylist beforehand that I wanted a spring dress with leggings and she happily fulfilled my request. You will see the leggings in a couple of the outfits... the one above and in a little bit. I loved the leggings... they were nothing like the ones I have... they are so soft and lightweight for spring... they are from 41 Hawthorn... keeping them for $48. A bit pricy for leggings, but when keeping all items, you get a 25% discount and I was loving my box! So, keeping the soft, lovely leggings! 
Sorry the photo is upside down, but it won't turn around :(
 I really want the striped dress on the style card!! I'm going to see if they have any in my size! It never hurts to ask!! 

My next item is 41 Hawthorn Calafia Jersey Wrap dress. I loved this with the capped sleeves and of course the leggings... perfect for spring. The dress opens in the front with a long string tie. So cute. This item is also $58 which is on target with the Loft items I buy. Love it and Keeping it. 

Once again, my picture won't turn! But, here's the style card.

 My last item is a Gray and White striped loop scarf by DDCC. I'm not normally a scarf wearing kind of girl, but I loved this scarf. It is so versatile and soft and pretty. It is priced at $45 which I told the stylist is too high for an accessory in my future fixes and to not send a scarf each time because I won't keep them all the time. But, this one.... LOVE. Mackenzie already wants to steal it from me!! 

 I am keeping all 5 items in my Fix because I LOVE them all and will get 25% off. Perfect! If I had chosen not to keep something, all I needed to do was put it in the prepaid postage mailer included in my Stitch Fix box and drop it in the mailbox. How easy is that?

I am loving this place. Check them out here and see what you think!

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Amy said...

I just got my first fix, and I LOVED it!! All of your stuff looks great! I love the versatility in everyone's fixes that I've seen so far.