Monday, May 16, 2011


Believe it or not, I made it through without tears for the girls to see! Just a few tears after they were gone. Normally, I'm the crying, sobby girl. But, this time I found myself just caught up in their happiness and excitement that I didn't even have time to think about it being the last school dance and what not! 

Believe it or not, I took over 300 pictures! Now is that nuts or what? Well, think of it this way... if you were taking pictures of one child's event, you may take 150 pictures right? So, that's how I'm justifying my 300!

Believe it or not, Steve got in the pictures without any begging on my part! Yay!!!

Believe it or not, the tux shop gave Garron the wrong size pants!

Believe it or not, these 3 girls started their first dance in this spot together and took a bittersweet picture once again.

Believe it or not, the rain stopped for a minute for a quick outdoor photo!

Believe it or not, I got 2nd row at the Grand March, front and center for the photo op!

Believe it or not, the charter buses taking the kids to prom said "Precious Cargo" !! 

Believe it or not, I may be back tomorrow with a few post prom pictures!!


Mary Jo said...

How fun! :)

Christina said...

LOVE the dresses!!! So fun!

Mandy said...

Love the pics! The girls look beautiful! Dresses were amazing! Love the ring/bracelets the girls are wearing! Awesome post:)

theelfqueen said...

These are great pics! What fun!